"Child Sex Trade" in Northern Region of Ghana


Executive Summary

  • Project objective is to offer employable skills training programmes for the vulnerable in society. This includes those engaged in the act of child sex trade and those who are likely fall prey if not identified, trained and supported.
  • Project therefore can be viewed from two dimensions – ‘Putting of fire ‘and ‘Preventing Fire’
  • Overall goal is to improve the quality of life of beneficiaries by making them employable and creating their own employment.

Stakeholders to facilitate the project:

  • African Aurora Business Network (AABN)
  • Skills Development Fund (SDF)
  • CAMFED Ghana

  • Beneficiaries

    • Vulnerable ladies have been identified to benefit from the project when it takes off.
    • From the Accra Region of Ghana
    Some of their reasons for their current plight as stated includes amongst others: Under-development, Poverty, Broken homes, Lack of education, Urban – rural migration, Gender discrimination, Harmful traditional practices
  • Their Fields of Interest

    • Hairdressing
    • Beauty Therapy
    • Batik Tie & Dye Manufacturing
    • Catering
    • Interior Decor
    • Dress making
  • Logistics

    To successfully carry out the above, the following shall be required:

    • Training facilities
    • Training equipment and products
    • Training facilitators
    • Residential accommodation facility for trainees
    • Feeding
    • Support/sustenance during the training period
    • Provision of equipment and products after training
  • Background

    The project objectives are to amongst others:

    • Identify the specific needs why females enter into child sex trade
    • Re-orient practitioners
    • Offer employable skills to practitioners
    • To train the vulnerable engaged in child sex trade with no vocation or profession in beauty therapy and cosmetology.
    • To use the skills gained to make them employable
    • To use the skills so gained to create employment by setting up their own business


  • Some Identifiable Needs for our Target Groups

    A sizeable number of them through factors enumerated above have no option but to engage acts of child sex trade
    • A sizable number of them are qualified but have no means to pursue their education
    • Some of them are unable to pass to pass entrance examinations to pursue full time studies or secure apprenticeships
    • A lot of the targets are willing to pursue the Specialist programme that is more practical oriented
    • A lot of these students who are unable to further their education become social misfits, miscreants and a burden on the society
  • Some of our Anticipated Outcomes

    • Reduce the incidence of child sex trade and vulnerability to it
    • Take practicing child sex traders and the vulnerable  off the streets
    • Create jobs and job avenues


  • Implementation

    In locating my core targets, approaches were made to organizations such as – African Aurora Business Network, Skills Development Fund and Camfed Ghana - and through these contacts,  vulnerable ladies between the ages of 11-18  who sell sex are targeted to join our programmes.

    I will further in my presentation show a video clip of a reformed sex worker and the profile and pictures of others currently registered with GAOFI under the vulnerable assistance programme.

    In my interactions with the ladies the following reasons emerged as to why they were engaged in child sex trade and why some were vulnerable, the following reasons emerged:

    • Under-development
    • Poverty
    • Broken homes
    • Economic disparities
    • Lack of education
    • Urban – rural migration
    • Gender discrimination
    • Harmful traditional practices

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