"Child Sex Trade" in Eastern Region of Ghana


Executive Summary

  • Project objective is to offer employable skill training programmes for the vulnerable in society. This includes those engaged in the act of child sex trade and those who are likely to fall prey if not identified, trained and supported.
  • Project therefore can be viewed from two dimensions – ‘Putting of fire ‘and ‘Preventing Fire’
  • Overall goal is to improve the quality of life of beneficiaries.

  • Beneficiaries

    Additionally, in our interactions, we came across two young men (beach combers) who are also vulnerable especially in ‘Sex Tourism’.

    Their desire set us looking for the appropriate partner to facilitate our advocacy. This will include tuition, training equipment and set up equipment. GAOFI will provide other logistics like premises etc for the take off.

  • Their Fields of Interest

    • Hairdressing
    • Beauty Therapy
    • Batik Tie & Dye Manufacturing
    • Catering
    • Interior Decor
  • Logistics

    To successfully carry out the above, the following shall be required:

    • Training facilities
    • Training equipment and products
    • Training facilitators
    • Residential accommodation facility for trainees
    • Feeding
    • Support/sustenance during the training period
    • Provision of equipment and products after training
    • Administrative support
  • Facilities

    Hairdressing, beauty therapy and catering will be provided by FC Beauty College. There will be the need to construct new facilities for the catering and the Tie & Dye Batik units. 

    Training Equipment & Products

    • To source and procure training equipment and materials for trainees during the duration of the programme

    Training Facilitators

    • To source competent professional trainers both locally and internationally to offer first world skills transfer to participants.
    • Trainers in beauty therapy, hairdressing, catering and batik tie & dye will be sourced locally.
  • Facilities

    Residential Accommodation
    To invest in the provision of residential accommodation facilities for trainees during the training period to ensure adequate supervision and also to ensure that they do not go back to their old ways.

    Trainees will be given three meals per day and paid an allowance during the training period for their sustenance

    Start Up Equipment & Products
    To provide start-up equipment in all the disciplines for trainees to start their own businesses after the training period. This is to ensure that they put the skills acquired into practice and also to prevent them from going back to their old ways.

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