Grace Amey-Obeng Foundation International (GAOFI)

Grace Amey Obeng Foundation International (GAOFI) is an international NGO made up of Women Business Owners with an ethical bias to mitigate the problem of children who sell sex.

GAOFI, in partnership with FC Beauty College, a culturally and nationally diverse beauty therapy training institution attracts students from Ghana, the West African sub region and other parts of Africa.

  • Target

    The institute targets young men and women between the ages of 17+ who have completed the Junior Secondary School and Senior Secondary School but were unable to further their education to the tertiary level. It also has programmes for those that are not literate but desirous of acquiring vocational skills.
    • A sizeable number of them through factors enumerated above have no option but to engage in acts of child sex trade
    • A number of them are also qualified but have no means to pursue their education
    • Some of them are unable to pass entrance examinations to pursue full-time studies or secure apprenticeships
    • A lot of the targets are willing to pursue the Specialist programme that is more practical oriented

    A lot of these students who are unable to further their education become social misfits, miscreants and a burden on the society

  • Mitigation

    In order to reduce the risk of streetism, social malcontent and the school drop-out rate and encourage beneficiaries to be employable, Grace Amey-Obeng Foundation International in conjunction with FC Beauty College is seeking funds and support to implement its Specialist and Outreach Programmes.

    If funded, this will allow the school to offer its target a menu of learning opportunities in a safe and conducive environment which will support and encourage their efforts to improve their academic achievement as well as physical, mental and social well-being.

    • Reduce the incidence of child sex trade
    • Take child sex traders off the streets
    • Prevent the vulnerable in society from being lured or coerced into child sex trade through factors enumerated above
    • Create jobs and job avenues

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